Who we are

We develop, finance, process and export added value organic agricultural commodities in Uganda in direct cooperation with small scale farmers, so no middle men. The certified organic growers receive a variety of trainings and assistance to enhance productivity and to ensure a profitable and fair income with guaranteed procurement.. Our main export commodities are sesame seeds, dried chili pepper and chia. Consultancy and farmer training are offered in a joint venture with Shares Consultancy. The seeds and grains are cleaned to 99.95% purity in our factory near Kampala which also has climate room facilities to fumigate the commodities in a natural way. These facilities are available to local producers and exporters. Our factory is situated in a lovely green environment about 20 miles out of Kampala, just a few miles after Mukono town towards Jinja. Here we store and process cash crops from all over Uganda.

Our Mission

Establish organic and fair trade added value production chains locally that are ecologically, socially and economically sound, and to make it attractive to all parties in the chain.


To constantly challenge or stress our environment and its inhabitants is an environmental time bomb. It will cost us highly if we do not take action to sustain and replenish natural resources. If we accept the relationship between our activities and their consequences on the environment, then we must be willing to incorporate the true costs of producing our food and fiber into the marketplace. Organic and fair trade products are not expensive therefore, the other products are simply too cheap.